My name is Francesca and I am a Watercolour painter specialising in high-quality Canine and Equestrian portraits.  I live in Stoke Newington in London and work from my private studio where I draw everything from scratch and paint using the highest quality materials and artistry principles. 

I began painting from a very young age, doodling in class and enjoying experimenting with pencils and paint. I have always been fascinated by painting and I studied Fine Art at Camberwell College of Art which actually led me to study Design at University and into a career in Interior Design for up to 8 years. I recently (in the past 2 years) came back to my love for painting and set up my business and never looked back. 

I have a strong passion for animals, in particular horses and dogs (which explains my subject choice) but I love all animals dearly. I love to hear stories from all my clients about their pets and get to know them in a more personal way. Part of the painting is for me to get to know the character and personality behind the photograph so I typically ask lots of questions to get to know your pet better. 

Painting is my joy, and I consider myself very lucky to be able to work every day using paints and creating pieces that not only bring my clients joy but also will be memorialized forever.