Francesca was an avid painter from a fairly young age, taking any opportunity to pick up a paintbrush and create. Which led to her decision to study 'Fine Art' at Camberwell College of Art. Once she finished her degree, she turned her creativity to Interiors becoming an Interior Designer and carrying this on for over 8 years. 


Then in 2020, with the pandemic affecting her career in Interiors;  she turned back to her paintbrushes and was inspired by the thing she was spending her time around the most: her dogs. She began to paint every day, in a way she had never done before and a subject she had not painted before. From then, she never looked back and Dogs became her day to day. 


Francescas' love of Dogs didn't end with painting she went on to become a Dog Trainer and opened a Pet Sitting business. Her love, passion and admiration for Dogs is unique; and the joy of painting all kinds of breeds is one of her biggest joys. From West Highland Terriers to Springer Spaniels and Bernese Mountain dogs- 'it what keeps the job exciting"- she says.

Francescas' full-time job now is painting Fine Art Portraits of Dogs and Horses and has painted over 100 pieces in just 3 years. 





"Being a part of creating something that I know will be with that person,

in their home for a very long time is a very special thing

and I feel honoured to be part of it."

- Francesca